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Wrenco Arms is more than just an armory. We are Sandpoint's premier FFL dealer for those interested in hunting, sport shooting, concealed carry, and defense. We carry firearms, ammunition, suppressors and all related accessories including safety items, optics, reloading and tactical gear. We also offer gunsmithing, custom kydex holsters or sheaths, certified Cerakote finishing, consignments, transfers and special orders.

Carrying firearms in a defensive role is a huge responsibility. The defense of ourselves, our families, and the public are of utmost importance and we want to ensure that you’re properly equipped for this role. Brandon has spent over 18 years carrying firearms in a professional capacity including both concealed and tactical use of pistol, carbine and explosives. Whether you are experienced or new to defensive firearms or concealed carry, we will ensure that your questions are answered honestly and you leave Wrenco Arms satisfied with the service you received.

There has been a huge surge in the demand for suppressors for several reasons including the prevention of hearing loss, less noise pollution, varmint hunting and big game hunting. Wrenco Arms stocks some suppressors but also has access to most manufacturers in the suppressor industry. We also have the ability to broker or transfer machine guns or short barreled rifles whether they are pre 1986 or post business samples. Due to the fact that NFA items are restricted, we will walk you through each step and assist in all paperwork related to the processing of these items.

Our armory carries a large selection of ammunition and specialized ammunition. If you're not sure what you're looking for — that's okay. Wrenco Arms is very knowledgeable on all types of rifle, rim-fire, handgun, and shotgun ammunition types, as well as specialized ammo.

We are certified by NIC Coatings to apply Cerakote on not just firearms but pretty much on anything you can imagine such as knives, headers, exhaust, and containers. Cerakote is the hardest wearing and most corrosion resistant coating currently on the market. We can do logos, designs, patterns, and multiple colors that not only personalize but protect.  We also do custom Kydex holsters or sheaths for most anything you carry. From pistols with lights or lasers, custom knives or tools, or your tin of Skoal we can make it. If you are looking at tuning your firearm or building an AR rifle from the ground up and you need guidance or parts to complete your project, we can help.

We have a section of the store dedicated to various items designed to get you home in one piece whether it’s camping, hunting or an emergency. Come see our growing stock.

If you are unfamiliar with firearms or your new purchase we will ensure that you know the basics about your firearm before you leave the store. Regardless of your experience, we encourage ongoing training to become proficient and safe. We currently do not offer any in house courses, however we have several training facilitators that we endorse and would be happy to refer you to.

Our range is open to the public but priority is always given to members. Become a member today to ensure priority allocation of lanes with the ability to reserve lanes online. Members also enjoy free handgun rentals as well as discounts on ancillary items in our store. (*sale items, consignment items and NFA items excluded). Lifetime members also receive highest reservation priority, free guest passes each month and discounts on our training classes and all firearm rentals.

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