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Terms and Conditions



Wrenco Arms does accept credit cards however, all published prices reflect a 2.5% Cash/Check/Money Order discount that cannot be earned with credit cards. Orders accompanied by a postal money order or certified check will be shipped the next business day, regular checks will be held (at our discretion) until clearance.

Pricing Policy

Wrenco Arms works diligently to sell firearms at the lowest possible price consistent with staying in business.  Our mark-up is quite minimal, and if you compare our prices with others you will find we are usually lower, but if not you can always buy from the lower cost seller.  Guns featuring Davidson's Guaranteed logo add worry-free ownership and is the best warranty in the business. This is just one of the features that sets up apart from the big retailers. Most of our guns go up in value every year, so we have no motivation to sell-off inventory below cost.  We do not accept any trades - we only sell new guns.

We advertise some firearms on GunBroker.com under the seller ID "wrenco_arms" - we will honor any price you see on one of our listings. Feel free to browse our excellent feedback (A+ 273 as of 8/27/2009) from satisfied Customers.

We can also be your transfer agent on firearms bought out of state for a very reasonable fee. Please contact us for your transfer requirements and we'll give you price. Our posted price in store is $30 and $5 for each firearm after.

Purchasing National Firearms Act Items :

Purchasing National Firearms Act (referred to "NFA" or "Class III") items such as machine guns, silencers and short-barreled rifles (SBRs) is legal in the fine State of Idaho - however, all NFA Rules apply. Wrenco Arms will gladly assist you in filing the additional Federal forms required. We can also be your Class III transfer agent for a $90-$150 transfer fee depending on the item. Your purchase is kept secure and safe while in our possession while awaiting the processing of your paperwork. For more information on NFA, the ATF has provided an excellent online reference on this topic: The NFA Handbook.


For residents of states other than Idaho, ordering by mail, the firearms must be shipped to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder in their state who will carry out the F. B. I. background check (NICS) before delivering the firearm.  Contact us if you need assistance in locating a local FFL. In order to ship a firearm to a FFL holder in another state a current, signed-in-ink copy of their FFL must be mailed or Faxed (866-301-5047) or sent by E-mail to anthonyREMOVETHIS@wrencoarms.com as a JPG or Adobe PDF attachment. Experience has shown that the FFL number is sometimes not  readable on Faxes, so mailing or e-mailing a clear, signed copy is best.  All FFLs will be verified by FFLeZCheck.

Firearms will be shipped, insured, by UPS or USPS.  The basic packing and shipping fee is about $20. (in the 48 States) which just covers the average cost of shipping and insurance.  Exceptionally heavy guns, such as multi-barrel sets in cases will have shipping individually calculated.  If you want a faster service the actual cost will be charged.

Three-Day Return Privilege

The buyer has three days to return merchandise from the time he/she receives the item from Wrenco Arms. (Return package must be Post Office/Delivery Service dated no later than three days after arrival of item to buyer's or FFL holder's address, i.e. if the package is received on Tuesday, the return date must be the following Friday). The buyer does not have to give a reason for a return and will receive a refund, but the return must be post (or freight) paid. Wrenco Arms will refund the purchase price less 10%, but not shipping costs. Merchandise returned must be in the same condition as when it was sent. (For example, New-In-Box guns must not have been fired.) There are no returns or refunds on custom work, (such as the installation of sights), or for guns that have been on Lay-Away. For clarification, New-In-Box guns which have been fired, damaged or disassembled can not be re-sold by Wrenco Arms as "new" so they are not returnable.

In the case of firearms shipped through a third-party FFL holder, the return period will begin the day the intermediary FFL holder receives the gun. It is the responsibility of the buyer to make arrangements to examine the gun and comply with the return policy while the gun is in the possession of the FFL licensee. When federal, state or local laws prohibit its delivery to the buyer the firearm may be returned with the potential buyer paying shipping in both directions and subject to a $25 processing fee.

Warranty issues on any firearm/product not covered by Davidson's warranty is the sole responsibility of the Manufacturer. Wrenco Arms is not responsible for shipping to/from the manufacturer's service center and/or wait times for service. This is simply out of our control.


Several customers have asked if Wrenco Arms has a Lay-Away plan. After reviewing the policies of other firearms retailers I have crafted what I think is a good plan.

1. The customer calculates the total price of the gun, that is, the price (if purchasing from an online auction - the BUY IT NOW price) plus approx. $20 for shipping if out of Idaho, or the price plus 6% sales tax if it is to be picked up in Idaho. If the customer does not use Buy It Now and wishes to convert to layaway then the additional charge will be added.

2. The customer then decides how long he needs to purchase the gun, and makes a non-refundable Initial Deposit according to the following table:

Number of Days needed to Complete Purchase Percent of Total Price for Initial Deposit
30 10%
60 20%
90 30%

3. Wrenco Arms then generates an Invoice, quoting exact shipping charges if warranted, and credits the Deposit, sending a copy to the customer. Additional payments may be made during or just before the end of the period at the customer’s discretion, and the balance owing will be updated on a Invoice.

4. All Lay-Away sales are final and do not include an inspection period or the right of return.

5. In the event that the customer does not complete payment by the agreed upon date, the initial deposit is forfeit, without recourse, and the gun will be returned to Wrenco Arms inventory. Additional payments above the initial deposit will be returned after a sufficient period of time has elapsed to insure that all checks and other instruments have cleared.

6. When the final payment is received, along with the signed-in-ink FFL to which it will be shipped, the gun will be shipped immediately if the final payment is a Cashiers Check or Postal Money Order. If a personal check or other money order is used as payment, there will be a delay to insure that the payment has cleared. Wrenco Arms does also accept Credit Cards but the balance owed will be recalculated since it doesn't qualify for the 3% discount..

7. Essentially the customer is buying the right to purchase the gun, with the Deposit credited to the purchase, or abandoned if the purchase is not completed. This secures the gun until the customer has the funds, or compensates Wrenco Arms for lost profits incurred by removing the gun from inventory. Lay-Away is limited to a maximum of 90 days, because Wrenco Arms can not buy other guns, which might sell quickly for a profit, while its money is tied up in a gun on lay-away and secured space is limited.
Gun Locator - Davidson's

If you purchase through the Wrenco Arms Store at Davidson's they will take a deposit and the balance should be sent (or brought) to Wrenco Arms along with the Signed-In-Ink FFL (Or Faxed Signed FFL) (or Photo ID if picking up here).  Handguns can only be delivered to Residents of Idaho, but may be reshipped to an FFL holder in your state.  A Resident of Idaho or a contiguous state can pick up long guns at Wrenco Arms.

Davidson's Guarantee (LRW) :

If the gun listing contains this logo, the gun has the Davidson's Guarantee (Lifetime Replacement Warranty) in addition to the Wrenco Arms' three day return and any manufacturer's warranty.


If anything ever goes wrong with any gun your customers buy from you that was ordered through Davidson's, it will be immediately replaced. If no replacement is available, it will be repaired at no charge to you. Simple. return it to us and we'll, ship the gun to Davisdons and we take care of the rest. You'll receive a replacement usually within a few days. The customer is responsible for paying the shipping charges.

Exporting Firearms

Wrenco Arms does not export firearms to other countries, but will send a firearm to an exporter,  who will take care of the paperwork and shipping.  A $30 shipping fee will apply for sending the gun to the exporter, and the purchaser is responsible for the exporter's fees and the shipping to their country.  Because of the length of time involved all export sales are final. 

Please contact us if you have any questions not covered above.

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